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A.J. Burnett has mellowed with age, learning to pitch, not just throw the ball. That helped him land a five-year, $82.5 million contract with the Yankees after a lights-out season in Toronto.

However, Burnett, 32, still has a little bad boy in him. Just look at his right arm when he unleashes the ball: It's all tattooed up.

Burnett has tats all over his body, and he's been getting them for years. Burnett (2-0, 5.40 ERA), who will start against the Rays on Wednesday, talked to us about them.

First tattoo: "My first tat was in Arkansas, I was 18. It was actually a picture of me pitching. So it's actually my delivery. It was on my left ankle. It's covered up now, I got a Godzilla sleeve that covered it up."

Favorite tattoo: "My Pisces tattoo on my left hand. My kids are all Pisces. It's a pretty good reminder of them. I look at it all the time."

Next tattoo: "I don't know, I'm actually itching for one. Something maybe on the back or the chest, I'm not sure. I'm putting some thought into it as we speak."

Other family tattoos: "I have my wife's initials on my back and my kids' names on my left pec. That was one of the first ones I got. I'm probably going to end up re-doing it, covering it up, making something a lot better."

Any tattoo he regrets: "No."

Any tattoos while intoxicated: "Never, nope. I've always been sober and it's been by the same person."

How many tattoos: "I don't know, I had 12 before I got the sleeves. So I'd say around there, because the sleeves are a bunch of different ideas and concepts around them. The sleeves covered up about six small ones."

Why tattoos: "I think tattoos are somebody's personality coming out. I was into art when I was growing up, I've always been into that kind of stuff. I think they are really cool and I like them a lot."

Other tattoos: "I have Bruce Lee, a skull rosary and the guy from '300.' I just tell him what I want and he does it."

Favorite place to get a tattoo: "Plush Gallery in Clearwater (Fla.). They have done all my ink."

by Justin Rodriguez - www.recordonline.com

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