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Vin Diesel Tattoo pics from the movie xXx

bulletBack of his neck has three X's.
bulletSmall of his back has two guns crossed to form an X.
bulletLeft arm has a tribal band on his bicep, a bull charging out of flames and clouds.
bulletRight arm has the words "dis" and "order" by his wrist, two eagle wings going up his arm, three stars on his elbow, a bull on his bicep, the word "chaos," wrapped in blue filler, on his forearm.
bulletRight shoulder has a star with an eye in the middle.
bulletStomach has the word "Melkor," the name of Diesel's real-life Dungeons & Dragons character.
bulletOn his bellybutton, a chaos symbol topped by flames.
bulletAround his right nipple, a star.

Tattoos below were for the movie Babylon A.D.

Can you talk about all of the body work that went into this character, all of the tattoos and what that process was like?

DIESEL: We’ll, I’ll tell you, it wasn’t just tattoos and I don’t know if this was lost on you, but I doubt. I think you got it. There was significant work done... Did you see it? But scars and, the make-up artist, Christien Tinsley, who I think just won an award for No Country for Old Men, such a great make-up artist. He would take an hour adding little holes, widening the pores of the skin on my face - it was arduous, but it really brought out this real weathered texture that I thought was appropriate for the role. The tattoos were different than, say, Xander Cage’s tattoo design. This was a little bit more makeshift, a little bit more - It was almost jailhouse in its design, as opposed to being flamboyant like Xander Cage’s tattoos.

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