Gizzi Erskine is a food writer, stylist and television presenter. She is best known for being one of the presenters of Channel 4's Cook Yourself Thin where she also co-wrote the accompanying number 1, bestselling book also called Cook Yourself Thin. Her television debut though, was as contributing presenter on Sky One's Taste in 2006.

After finishing a full diploma course at Leith's School of Food and Wine in 2003 and leaving with honors, she went on to win a placement at BBC Good Food magazine, where she started to establish herself as a food writer and stylist. After over 4 years in the industry, Gizzi's clients have included Marie Claire, Elle USA, Arena, FHM, In Style, Grazia, First magazine, UK food magazines and many more.

She is on a mission is to get young people into food and cookery by giving them a worthy role model in someone they can relate to as Gizzi's life is such that she understands the foody needs and wants of the average young person.

Her method is to dispel the myth that cookery is difficult and time consuming, by showing the skills in layman's terms, then getting passion sparked by turning these skills into her inspired mouthwatering recipes. This will be heavily demonstrated in her first 'solo' book Gizzi's Kitchen Magic. She has just signed a deal with Virgin Books and Random house and the book is due out next year. Gizzi's Kitchen Magic is being shot by the celebrated food photographer David Loftus.

Gizzi is in talks with production companies about her next TV projects, and currently working as GMTV's chef, her first project with them being the sought after 'Summer Food' month long mini series, but also appearing in 'Frugal Feasts', 'Retro Baking', 'Soups' and 'Crafty Christmas'. She is also the spokesperson of 'Fresh herbs' and a cause that is very close to her heart – the British Heart foundation.

For the British Heart foundation she is working with teenagers to help bring out their passion and understanding for food so as to encourage healthy eating from an early age. She has just hosted and judged the 'Fast Food from scratch' competition in late February 2009, where young people whipped up inspired, fast dishes for Gizzi and a host of other judges to sample. Gizzi takes a great interest in making a stand for food issues, such as food wastage, animal welfare and the food economy. She has helped develop campaigns of awareness with British Herbs and British Onions as well as the British Heart Foundation.

Gizzi's age and edgy demeanor mixed with her fascinating and varied background makes her unmistakably of the moment. Having won the accolade of 'sexiest chef' in March 2009, beating of stiff competition from the likes of Nigel Lawson and Gordon Ramsay and with work in the USA on the horizon, it seems the future certainly looks bright for Gizzi!

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