(Actor, September 25th, 1958) Michael Madsen, an American actor and poet is most recognized for his psychotic tough guy roles in Quentin Tarentino's cult films. You may remember the scene from Reservoir Dogs, when Michael's character Mr. Blonde removes the ear of an unfortunate police officer. Ouch! But the scene is an indelible piece of cinema history. After all, you never actually see the ear get cut off. But no one can shake the screams or the gallons of Hollywood blood and you can't take your eyes off Madsen. He's riveting on screen. Every tough guy worth his gruff needs an arsenal of badass tattoos, and Michael Madsen is no exception. Michael wears a Harley Davidson logo on his bicep, and it doesn't get much more classic than that.

You've got to wonder though, is Michael as messed up as his on screen characters? Nope, off screen Madsen is a family man, and an accomplished poet which is why the ladies adore him so and pray for love letters in the mail.

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