JESSE metcalfE

Jesse Eden Metcalfe (born December 9, 1978) is an American actor, most known for his role on Desperate Housewives as John Rowland. He is also notable for his portrayal of Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald on the soap opera Passions and his starring role as John Tucker in the movie John Tucker Must Die.

Jesse Metcalfe has unveiled a new tattoo inspired by his on-off girlfriend Nadine Coyle. He broke up with the Girls Aloud singer in April but they're thought to have got back together again last month. The former Desperate Housewives star unveiled his new ink earlier this week. It shows a naked woman, bearing a passing resemblance to Nadine, lassoing a giant cartoon heart, in front of a sun rise.

Jesse explained that he came up with the design of his tattoo during the weeks of heartache following his split from Nadine:
"Everyone has had their heart broken but this is just a reminder not to let it happen again." "I went through a hard break-up. Every tattoo is a memory." "It doesn't mean you are staying in that moment or obsessing about it. I chose to get that tattoo, especially with the heart on the arm, because I choose to wear my heart on my sleeve." "It fits with my personality. I really couldn't be happier with the tattoo. It's the best I have."

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