TATTOO PHOTO CONTEST - enter to win $500 US

TATTOO PHOTO CONTEST >> 01/2007 Entries >> 01/2007 Winners


Here are the tattoo photo winners we had for the month of January. The top photo wins the $500 monthly prize.  Check out the rules and send us your own entry. You just might have a winning tattoo photograph. This contest is open to both professional & amateur photographers.

FIRST PLACE WINNER Photograph is © William Cecil

William Cecil Photo

SECOND PLACE WINNER Photograph is © Justin Faber

Justin Faber Photo

THIRD PLACE WINNER Photograph is © Justice Howard

Photo by Justice Howard




Photograph is © Jen Hogan

Photo by Jen Hogen



HONORABLE MENTION Photograph is © Bradley Paul Valentine

Bradley Paul Valentine Photo

HONORABLE MENTION Photograph is © Ian Redd

Photo by Ian Redd

Rules and email address for entry into the photo contest.

TATTOO PHOTO CONTEST >> 01/2007 Entries >> 01/2007 Winners

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