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Grape tattoo designsGrape Tattoo Design Meanings - Images, designs and symbols of lush clusters of ripe, or pregnant grapes - whether on vines, in bowls, or in the still life painting of the Masters -- are a reminder of the pleasures that humans have drawn from grapes since their earliest discovery. In tattoos, the single cluster of grapes says joi de vivre, but together with the vine and its spiralling tendrils and leaves, the grape design becomes a sensuous body-covering motif. Grapes and vines are wonderful tattoo designs to drape sensuously around an arm, over a shoulder or around a waist.

The glory of grapes may be attributed to our cave-dwelling ancestors. Observing how birds seem addicted to fermenting fruit, our earliest ancestors soon learned the benefits of fermented grapes. Or, so recent archeological findings suggest. Details from ancient wall carvings, stone inscriptions, and papyrus, show grapes imagery - including wine-stompers and drinkers - dating back many thousands of years. There's even evidence that hints of Noah growing his own vineyard after the flood.

Historians say that wine reached the Mediterranean via Asia Minor as much as 8,000 years ago, and that the art of wine making flourished in the ancient cultures of Turkey and Greece. Dionysus, the Greek god of wine (Bacchus in ancient Rome), is credited with establishing the 'cult of the grape' and raising it to the sacred. Intoxication became a ritual for escaping the cares of the world and for initiation into secret rites. Festivals with processions, dances and choruses gave rise to Greek drama and theatre. Dionysian revellers wore wreaths of grape-vines.

Ancient Egypt was one of the earliest importers of the grape, welcoming it from vineyards in Palestine. Descriptions of wine-making appear on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs. It was also an important item on the 'menu' for the afterlife.

In religious texts, the grape is revered as a symbol of gladness, fruitfulness, and ripe harvest. In the Old Testament, the grape is associated with immortality. In the New Testament, the grape and vine with its many branches was a symbol of the union between believers and Christ.

Grape Inspiration Gallery - Click here to get inspired!During the Dark Ages in Europe (circa 500 AD, after the fall of the Roman Empire) European civilization became a wilderness, threatening many cultural traditions. The monasteries were left standing, however. Inside the walls, the monks' simple daily rituals were preserved, not the least of which was the technology of wine making. All was not lost. The preservation of the rituals surrounding the grape represented the preservation of the arts of civilization. And we'll all drink to that!

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Tattoo designs - G >> Grapes

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