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Staff of Asclepius tattoos and designsStaff of Asclepius (or Medical Staff) Tattoos - The traditional symbol of medicine is the Staff of Asclepius -- a rough hewn rod with a single snake twined around it. The snake symbolizes, through the shedding of its skin, the renewal of life. Asclepius was a Greek physician who according to legend was the son of Apollo and a mortal. He appears in ancient scripts dated around 1500 BC. He was later deified as the God of Healing, and is usually depicted holding a staff with that accompanying single snake.

One explanation of the Asclepius symbol would have us believe that the snake was a parasitic worm, a common human affliction in ancient societies, and visible beneath the skin of the abdomen. A physician would locate the position of the worm, make an incision in the patient's skin, then place his stick at the point where the parasite would emerge. He would then carefully wind the worm around it until it was fully out. The staff with the 'worm' coiled around it was said to be the physician's 'advertisement' for his services.

Today, the staff of Asclepius is the symbol of the World Health Organization and many medical associations throughout the world. Emergency medical technicians have a symbol of a caduceus on a background of a six-barred cross, which makes reference to their six-system of training. The Staff of Aesclepius is a popular tattoo motif for those who are proud of the life-saving work they perform.

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Temples of healing and medicine -- called Asclepions -- were popular in ancient Greece. Cures presented themselves as dreams while the patient slept (incubated) in a temple alcove. Priest physicians at these temples guarded their secrets of healing which were passed on from father to son. Harmless snakes were kept in these hospital shrines.

Staff of Asclepius Inspiration Gallery - Click here to get inspired!Like the Caduceus, or Physician's Staff, the Staff of Asclepius has long been a popular tattoo design with individuals who work in the medical professions, especially with those who provide Emergency Medical Services, such as Paramedics and Emergency Room personnel.

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