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Virgo Astrological Zodiac Sign Tattoos - The Western astrological sign of Virgo is occupied by the Sun from August 23 to September 22 in the tropical zodiac and currently September 17 to October 17 in the sidereal zodiac, when the Sun is approximately in the constellation of Virgo.

In tropical astrology it symbolises the fertility and abundance of harvest time. In sidereal astrology it is associated with a number of fertility goddesses including Ishtar, Isis, Cybele, Mary, Mother of Jesus, and Athena. According to one interpretation, the constellation depicts Astraea, the virgin daughter of the god Zeus and the goddess Themis. Astraea was known as the goddess of justice, and was identified as this constellation due to the presence of the scales of justice Libra nearby, and supposedly ruled the world at one point with her wise ways until mankind became so callous she returned to skies disgusted.

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Virgo is ruled by Mercury while Venus is in its fall in the sign. Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign associated with precision and detail--reading the fine print. On the negative side, those under Virgo influence can be too caught up in detail and miss the larger picture. A propensity to nervousness is also common. The part of the body under Virgo influence are the intestines. People with a Virgo Ascendant tend to be thin.

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Tattoo designs - V >> Virgo

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