Tattoos and Sports Stars

Tattoos and Sports Stars

What is clear is that tattooing has emerged from the fringes of society and its unsavoury reputation of the recent past. Today, stars in all types of sports are quite likely to be inked.

Tattoos have become ubiquitous in the National Basketball League, where for the first time in the 2000/2001 Season, more players in the NBA have tattoos, than don't. Some of the most notable are, Shaq, Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan and of course Dennis Rodman.

When NFL Football players, like Rickey Watters, Shawne Merriman & Joe Jurevicius line up, a good majority of the exposed arms have at least one tattoo.

Major League Baseball has it's share of tattoos with Jason Giambi and Mike Piazza being just two of countless players sporting ink.

Tennis players include the likes of Mark Philippoussis, Mary Pierce, Goran  Ivanisevic and of course the lovely Anna Kournikova.

David Beckham is merely the best known of a bevy of soccer stars in Europe who sport tattoos. Christian Viere, Guti & Eric Cantona are a few others.

Race car drivers, male and female alike also have tattoos. The beautiful Danica Patrick and F1's Michael Schumacher are just a couple examples.

Olympians of all types and nationalities have gone under the needle to commemorate their achievements both on and off the field.
A few of them are:
Cheryl Bernard - Canadian Olympic curler - pics
Anastasia Davydova - Russian Olympic swimmer - pics
Michael Phelps - US Olympic swimmer - pics
Amanda Beard - US Olympic swimmer - pics
Natasha Kai - US Olympic soccer - pics
Heather Mitts - US Olympic soccer - pics
Kerry Walsh - US Olympic volleyball player - pics
Misty May Treanor - US Olympic volleyball player - pics
Mike Andrew Brown - Canadian Olympic swimmer - pics
Mark Foster - British Olympic swimmer - pics
Alain Bernard - French Olympic swimmer - pics
Marion Jones - US Olympic track and field - pics
Bryan Clay - US Olympic track and field - pics
Emilie Mondor - Canadian Olympic track and field - pics
Tatiana Grigorieva - Australian Olympic pole vault - pics
Rau'shee Warren - US Olypic boxer - pics
Mark Zupan - American Paralympic athlete - pics
Kim Maher - US Olympic softball player - pics
Chris Hoy - Scottish Olympic cyclist - pics
James Staff - British Olympic cyclist - pics
Louis Smith - British Olympic gymnast - pics
Ele Opeloge - Samoan Olympic weightlifter - pics
Natalia Valeeva - Italian Olympic archer - pics
Lorig Khatuna- US Olympic archer - pics
Cesar Castro - Brazilian Olympic diver - pics
Hugo Parisi - Brazilian Olympic diver - pics
LeBron James - US Olympic basketball - pics
Michael Jordan - US Olympic basketball - pics
Gabor Kis - Hungarian Olympic water polo - pics
Andres Bayron Silva - Uruguayan Olympic track and field - pics
Ryan Malone - US Olympic Hockey player - pics

Golfers Lee Trevino, Tiger Woods and Seve Ballesteros are tattooed members of the golf world.


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