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The Empty Throne of Buddha is often shown supporting the Dharma Wheel or the Bodhi Tree. Sometimes, the base of the throne is decorated with other symbols of the Buddha's teaching, such as lions and deer - see, The Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism. The idea of an "empty throne" was meant to imply that the master is sitting there, yet no "self" is present. The throne is a way to approach the master even through his absence.

For 2500 years, pilgrims have been visiting the site of Buddha"s enlightenment in India, and no one has anticipated seeing their master sitting there in the flesh. And neither are they disappointed at the sight of an empty seat. The value of the Empty Throne symbol lies in the concept of "empty", an important element of mysticism. The Empty Throne is a paradox " the Buddha is there but not there. The throne is empty because the Buddha has awakened to an understanding that his ego or personality has no actual substance. He has realized "not-self", so why represent "the self"? Such symbols can help guide us on our personal paths to enlightenment, in journeys that can be any combination of the physical, spiritual and intellectual.

Early Buddhist art employed a number of symbols - parasol, footprints, or a wheel, for example " so as to avoid depicting the Buddha himself. These "aniconic" images were not intended to be surrogates of Buddha. Devotees could immerse themselves in the teaching without the distraction of a Buddha portrait. After all, those who attain spiritual awakening gain a perspective on reality in which their attachment to the human form has vanished. A mystic finds emptiness to be a more realistic depiction of reality.

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