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Ganesha, the zoomorphic deity with the head of an elephant and the body of a human, is one of the most popular of India's many deities. Lord of Success and Destroyer of Obstacles both material and spiritual, Ganesha is the god of Everyman. It's no surprise that his image is found in the poorest of huts to the richest of palaces. As the god associated with scholarship and commerce, Ganesha is revered throughout Asia and in Indian communities around the world.

Looking for a tattoo design that offers strength at a project's commencement? Ganesha may be your god. He's also a touchstone for students entering exams.

The snake figures prominently in depictions of Ganesha, sometimes wrapped around his neck or his waist, or curled at his ankles or held in his hand. The serpent, symbol of our most primal urges, is synonymous with the transformation of energies rising through the body's energy hierarchy, from sex to super-consciousness. Ganesha is associated with an energy centre (chakra) in the solar plexus, a vortex of transformation, a place from which the divine force expands.

Below you will find a gallery of inspirational images that will help you in your quest of creating the perfect Hindu tattoo.

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