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The Vanishing Tattoo

The albatross is the largest of the seabirds, the largest reaching sizes of up to 8 kilos ( 17.6 pounds) and wing-spans exceeding 3.4 meters (11 feet) It is also the most long-lived, with birds recorded reaching eighty years of age, although fifty is more common. Unlike gulls which rarely venture far out to sea, the albatross and petrels will fly hundreds of miles offshore, sleeping and feeding and rarely returning to land except to breed and raise their young. In fact, albatross have become such efficient gliders and they are so dependent on ocean air-currents, that powered flight along is difficult for them. At sea, the albatross will drink seawater and has evolved the ability to excrete excess salt from its body. In calm air, the birds will often have to float on the surface until the wind picks up, and take-offs and landings are the most strenuous aspect of flight for the mighty albatross. Albatrosses are noted for their elaborate mating rituals, with males and females bobbing their heads, clacking their bills together, flapping their wings and vocalizing as if choreographed.

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