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The Vanishing Tattoo

Taking on, or in other words, getting a crow tattoo can mean many things, ranging all the way from the profane to the sublime. It's best to enter the tattoo studio well informed if you are seeking a crow tattoo.

We speak of a herd of horses, a school of fish, a pride of lions, a gaggle of geese, but crows? A grouping of crows is described as a "murder" of crows. When it comes to this species of bird's reputation, it seems the crow can't catch a break. Perhaps it's because in the West (or at least, the recent West), the Crow has long been considered a bad omen. Even within cultures where the crow is seen as the keeper of sacred laws, it is still symbolic of the "dark side" - by which is meant- that which is unknown.

Taking a crow tattoo implies that you aspire to a mystical nature, or at least an expanded consciousness. But, most important you haven't lost your sense of humour.

Below you will find a gallery of inspirational images that will help you in your quest of creating the perfect crow tattoo.

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